Giant chocolate slabs?

Okay, bit of a gap now, I need to go back and fill in what’s been happening.

But here is the basic final design – the tiles will actually be the white sections – the negative spaces.  The first set has been made, just waiting for them to dry – they’re quite thick!

There will also be a glass element to the piece, but to be honest, this is difficult to decide until I have the ceramics pieces made – everything looks so different when you scale it up.  Initially, it was going to be a full glass layer, but I began thinking that that was going to be complicated, as fixing the glass isn’t straightforward – I want the glass to stand away from the ceramic sections, so that it casts lights and patterns on to the background.

I am also beginning to think that the glass elements may well be unnecessary too – overkill if you like.  But as much as I like working with photoshop, it really doesn’t portray the glass very well.  Maybe when I have the proper pieces laid out, I can then tell how much glass will be the right amount.

Anyway, this week I was making my first set of ceramic tiles for the piece – they aren’t good enough quality in my opinion, and I am quite sure my tutors will agree!  But for me it was more about practicing handling the clay, working out the best way to do things, and of course seeing if it fires ok (Who knows if shrinkage will affect the proportions badly, the tiles may warp, all sorts of problems if the kiln fairies aren’t kind – yes, there are fairies for ceramics as well as glass).  I made these this week, and when I was turning them over, they just reminded me of chocolate… Happy Easter!