The Ilson Skyline

Dawn created the ‘Ilson Skyline’ as part of the 2018 Glorious Glass solo exhibition at Erewash Museum.

A series of six clear panels, made from recycled glass, and using a technique called kiln-carving; ’embossing’ a pattern or image into the surface of the glass. Wall mounted, with stand-offs so the texture cast light shadows onto the blank space behind each.

To create the design, Dawn photographed, traced or drew her interpretations of just a few well known landmarks from Ilkeston and the surrounding area.  These were then scanned into the computer to be converted into digital images, to create the files required for other parts of the making process.  The images were cut out of ceramic fibre paper and glass fused on top these to create the embossed effect.  The resulting digital file is this silhouette.

Some are more significant to Dawn personally;  Dale Abbey ruins where she would visit with her brothers most days during summer holidays as a child and part of the Weleda – Dawn’s first full-time job.  It’s also directly opposite where Shed 2 Studios is located. The Scala Cinema is one of the oldest still working, purpose built cinemas in the UK; the annual Charter Fair is one of the largest and oldest street fairs in Europe.  Other places represented include Charnos and Stanton, two former major employers in the area.  A local history community group also made suggestions, such as Bennerley Viaduct; and of course, the now infamous Nat West Hole (it even has a Trip Advisor entry!)

The undulating line at the bottom represents a section of the River Erewash; the borough border follows this line in many places