Congratulations All Round and time to start packing….

….. for a holiday?  No. I wish! 

But possibly a whole lot more exciting! I’ve been fairly quiet about this, but time is fast approaching, and I want to start sharing my news… I was very pleased to be offered studio space at Shed 2 Studios in Ilkeston.

This is great news for me.  Shed 2 was founded by former students on the same course as I did at Derby, everybody who is there is not only lovely, but produce great work and are all doing very well, and I know it will be a wonderful supportive environment.  I would be terrible if I worked from home – about the only time that I ever really want to do housework (as in an insatiable burning desire to do it!) is when I have a project to do… so all that remains is to pack up the three truckloads of stuff I still have at Uni and move it all in…
So, why congratulations all round?  Well, course colleagues Deborah Miles and Nicola Lidstone have both been accepted into the Design Factory, as well as along with Katie Heeks and Robyn Holgate were selected for Lustre 2010 in November at the Lakeside Art Centre, Nottingham.  Well done to you all!