It’s All Go!

Well, it is this week! I had a message from my liaison at school, John, to ring him urgently…. uh oh, I thought they’d broken my art work or something!
But no, the builders were in, sorting the board for mounting the piece and they wanted me to be there – to make sure we all agreed to the best way of installing it.
I have to say, when I went back in the afternoon, it went much quicker and more smoothly than when it was installed at Uni – I don’t know how much of that is down to the fact that I have the benefit of experience of going through it all once, and knowing what pitfalls do avoid, best way to do things, etc or whether it was because I was working with two builder/joiner type chappies instead of art lecturers (sorry Jerry & Rodger!)…
Either way, it was fixed to the board, and is now on the wall in the place it was designed for in the first place…. and I personally think it looks amazing.
These photographs aren’t brilliant, I need to go back with tripod and take some better shots, but I was so excited I couldn’t wait to show you.