What do you get if you add 2 and 10?

And, no, it’s not 12 in this case. (I know, good job I didn’t want to be a maths teacher, isn’t it?)
Shed 2 + Creative 10 = Art in Bartons…
What’s that all about then…. well, opening this weekend, to help join in the celebrations at the switching on of Beeston Christmas Lights, I am taking part in an exhibition.  Four of us from Shed 2 Studios (Rachel Carter, Nicola Lidstone, Travis Kelly and myself), along with four members of Creative 10 (Gavin Darby, Julie Vernon, Barbara Coulam and Sue Bulmer), a Nottingham group of artists, are opening an exhibition in the old Bartons Bus Depot on Chilwell High Road.
We launch our exhibition on Saturday and there is absolutely loads of other stuff happening, including shows, street entertainers, fireworks and fair rides….here’s a link to tell you more: Beeston/Chilwell Christmas Lights
Our group exhibition is then on for a further three weekends, Thurs to Saturday 10am til 4pm, I am showing the green glass spiral structure, along with some wall art:

Hope to see you there!