International Celebrations – Another Fossil Wall Nearly Done!

I’ve not posted much lately…. well, I’ve not done much lately!  After those busy six weeks before the school holidays started, I’ve split my time between having a few hours off, upgrading the website, and still going round schools finishing off the Fossil Wall art.

Whilst the hard work of actually making the pieces was done with and by the children, I’ve still had to go round and do lots of sealing to make the plaster work suitable for where they will be installed, and in some cases mounting on boards, etc for display.

So, nothing specifically new here, but it’s the first time seen as it will be displayed.  I found a lovely new local DIY store today, and treated myself to a countersink drill bit, a new tube dispenser gun (is it wrong to be so pleased by these acquisitions?)  and some other bits and bobs.  I’ve only got to drill the backs of the plaques onto the boards for added security although with the amount of gripfill I used (a whole tube), they should be secure.

Charlotte Infants Fossil Wall