A Little (Not So Light) Reading

Most of the last few days research have been reading Frank Hasse’s war journals.  They sometimes make for very harrowing reading, and I am only part way through.

This week, I will be carrying on reading, but will be starting some actual artwork.  A collage piece is coming to mind right now.  I don’t often do drawing or painting these days, so I am doubting my skills to execute this, but I have to remind myself that this is just for development purposes really.  It’s a piece that will be changing and ongoing as I read further into the diary.  It’s a means to an end, and methods used to create the collage board will be translated into techniques for glass.

You might also catch me doing a little bit of clay work!

I’m visiting the Moravian settlement in Ockbrook on Tuesday morning, and then I will be at the Museum after that for the rest of the day, and back again on Thursday this week from opening until around 3pm.  A couple of the other artists are in this week too, so a good time for a visit.