Is it Hard to Find?

Never mind the Hard to Find Gallery! I need to think about my ‘hard to find’ new posts!  No, there haven’t been any for quite a while.

I always have a fairly quite time early in the new year, but I could be using that time for a catch up – to tell you what I’ve been up to all these months (aside from buying new kilns of course)

So, my good friend Jackie, of Treehuggery, has just opened the small, but perfectly formed “Hard to Find Gallery” at her studio.  It will display a selection of artwork and creations, including some of my fused glass work.

She’s already written a blog post focusing on my work, and you already know about me.  Instead I will point you in the direction of this week’s featured artist, the lovely Karina Goodman who I met through Jackie a couple of years ago.

I am a proud owner of two of Karina’s artworks.  One was a gift for an ahem, special birthday, and another limited edition print.  I would happily adorn all my walls with Karina’s moody landscapes.

Check out the Hard to Find Gallery.  And don’t forget to browse the Treehuggery collection of quirky artworks with stories to tell.