Sometimes it’s the little things….

Well, I guess you could actually say these are not so little… but some new studio furniture might seem the most exciting of things to some!  For me though, it’s been something I have been looking forward to for quite some time.

When I first moved to Shed 2 Studios, eight years ago now, I made do with a lot of gifted items – old desks, spare cabinets, things salvaged from scrap piles – like a lot of people starting out, I guess.

Classes have proved successful for me, growing year on year, and my studio wasn’t the best layout – improved greatly by new shelving and worktops last year, but this week, I finally got my new mobile units – two different height tables, and a trolley designed specifically for glass storage.  I’ve been a happy bunny this week, even though it means a good sort out!  The tables can be placed in different formations which will make the space a lot more flexible.

The advantages of sharing a studio space with other makers – access to people with the skills to make furniture that is perfect for my needs!  Thanks Travis of Evolution Revolution Workshops – the cakes are on me!