Dawn Raid?

Sorry, couldn’t resist that title.

A few months back, before all this lockdown malarky, I posted about a commission I had received from a delightful gentleman called Jon, who asked me to make some Spitfire themed panels for his ‘man-cave’

Jon kept to his promise back then and took some photos.  He couldn’t get them processed due to the pandemic and being isolated though.  He eventually had them done and sent them to me this week.

It is an understatement to say that I am thrilled to bits with the final result!  Hasn’t Jon done an amazing job of installation, and really setting a theme to suit.  He says the poster adds a bit of atmoshphere, I think he’s right and it’s fits the age perfectly.  The map to the right hand side of the door tracks Amy Johnson’s record breaking flight from the UK to Australia in a Gypsy Moth bi-plane in 1930.  And I just love the door plate for the room.

I love what I do.