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    ‘Bowled Over’….

    As a member of the Contemporary Glass Society, I get to apply for varying opportunities and exhibitions – such as the Medallions earlier this year (click on the link to take a reminder look)

    My Maple Syrup platter was one of only 46 selected out of a huge number of entries for the current online exhibtion; click here to see more of “Bowled Over”

    Maple Syrup Patchwork Platter, 25cm square

  • Glass

    Going International!

    My work is going to be featured in my first international exhibition soon!   Okay, so it’s actually in the based in the UK, but features glass makers from around the world, and I m thrilled to think that my glass is going to be exhibited alongside some internationally aclaimed artists.
    As part of the International Festival of Glass, the Contemporary Glass Society are holding a Medallions Exhibition at the Ruskin Glass Centre – here’s my entry:

    Glass Medallion
    I’ve been looking forward to the IFG since they confirmed it was on, which seems like a long time ago – I’ve been the last two times (it’s on every two years) and for anybody with a love of anything glassy, I can’t recommend it highly enough (well, its good even if you’re not a glass addict!) – I usually blog about it, so if you want to see the sort of work you can see, take a look at these earlier blog posts:

    “Off to the IFG” (Images of 2008)

    “What We Saw at the IFG” (August 2010)

    Can’t wait to go to the Festival, and so excited to be part of it!