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    Textured Glass Waves

    This morning, I had a little trip into Nottingham.  I went to the Focus Gallery at the top of Derby Road, Canning Circus.  I took along a *few* pieces to see which the lovely Antonia would like to display, and she chose them all!

    I am very pleased, and very excited, to now be stocked by this gorgeous gallery.  It’s been closed for a few weeks for much needed and very long overdue (and long promised) maintenance.  They re-open this Wednesday.  The overhaul looks great, Antonia and her staff, friends and family have done a brilliant job.  Along with long standing artists and makers, they’ve brought in a great range of new creatives as well.

    If you don’t know about the Focus Gallery, you’re missing a gem.  Established in 1971, it’s Nottingham’s longest running  independent gallery.  You will find a wide range of cards, gifts, jewellery, art and much more – oh, and you can usually park right outside (metered parking on the street).

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    A Bit of an Update

    Talking to the family this evening about upcoming exhibitions and events – and my brother said he’d seen nothing about it (I know he checks my blog quite regularly to see what’s happening)
    So, I have done a quick update on the News & Events page, there’s a link on the left – briefly, November 11th & 12th Open Studios at Shed 2, 3rd December at Belper Strutts Society and 10th & 11th December, Craft in the City in Nottingham, Waterstones on Clumber Street.
    I will of course be promoting the living daylights out of these a little nearer the time!  But meanwhile, I have got carry on with making some work for these events!  Just so this post isn’t totally text, below is a quick photo I took on Friday of the Maple Syrup bowl showing how it casts coloured shadows.  I have to say this is one of my own personal favourite bits of work to come out of the kiln for a while – I must have said something good to the Kiln Faeries that night….
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    I updated my website just before I went away, but I forgot to share!  I’ve pencilled in some new dates for glass fusing workshops at my studio in Derbyshire …NEW WORKSHOP DATES.

    During my one day taster sessions, I will show you how to cut and handle glass safely; we practice with clear window glass first – most students create a small wall hanging in the morning, and later we move onto using Bullseye Glass – a brand of fusing glass that has the most gorgeous range of colours in sheet glass as well as ‘accessory’ glass such as frit and stringer, as well as using inclusions and other methods.

    I show you various methods of assembling coloured glass to produce a small range of glass pieces for pendants, brooches, cufflinks etc, or perhaps a coaster, as well as explaining a bit about the technical side of things – you’ll get some advice notes to take away, and I can talk you through related products such as kilns, cold-working equipment and so on.
    At the end of the day, your work is loaded into my digitally controlled glass kiln to be fired overnight – your work will be annealed for strength and durability, so the pieces you make are suitable for practical use either for yourself as as gifts for others.
    On a standard day, I do not show you now to make anything specific as I prefer to let you explore your own creativity whilst learning the new techniques, although I occasionally will be running themed workshops.  Of course if there is anything special you’d like to make, then we can look at this too!  Normal fusing days are for groups of 3 to 5 people, so lots of time to help you get things right.  If a small group of people want a class tailoring to specifc needs, please get in touch and we can work this out.
    Prices for 2011 are only £50 per person, per day – this includes tuition, access to tools and equipment, firing costs, and supply of glass and accessories to make several pieces to keep.