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    ‘Bowled Over’….

    As a member of the Contemporary Glass Society, I get to apply for varying opportunities and exhibitions – such as the Medallions earlier this year (click on the link to take a reminder look)

    My Maple Syrup platter was one of only 46 selected out of a huge number of entries for the current online exhibtion; click here to see more of “Bowled Over”

    Maple Syrup Patchwork Platter, 25cm square

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    From Goodies to Gemstones

    Inspired by last week’s loveliness of Waffles & Maple Syrup, I decided to make another patchwork dish. Obviously I did something very right at the end of last week, as the kiln gods decided to be exceptionally kind to me.  I can’t tell you how lovely this really is, the image truly does not do it justice.  Good job really, as I had a fusing workshop at the weekend, and my lovely students were so productive, my kiln is going to be busy for a few days yet!
    So here’s some precious Emerald to feast your eyes on for now.

    Edited to add:  just published this page and saw how much it matches my blog page and logo!

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    A Bit of an Update

    Talking to the family this evening about upcoming exhibitions and events – and my brother said he’d seen nothing about it (I know he checks my blog quite regularly to see what’s happening)
    So, I have done a quick update on the News & Events page, there’s a link on the left – briefly, November 11th & 12th Open Studios at Shed 2, 3rd December at Belper Strutts Society and 10th & 11th December, Craft in the City in Nottingham, Waterstones on Clumber Street.
    I will of course be promoting the living daylights out of these a little nearer the time!  But meanwhile, I have got carry on with making some work for these events!  Just so this post isn’t totally text, below is a quick photo I took on Friday of the Maple Syrup bowl showing how it casts coloured shadows.  I have to say this is one of my own personal favourite bits of work to come out of the kiln for a while – I must have said something good to the Kiln Faeries that night….