The Joys of Sharing Studio Space

There are lots of benefits to being in shared studio. A lot of makers, especially those who work from how, will sometimes talk of feelings of isolation and sometimes getting stuck in a rut.

Personally I’ve benefited enormously from being in the shared and open environment of Shed 2 Studios for the last three or so years. I haven’t had those feelings of being all on my own (very often). There’s nearly always someone to bounce ideas off, share cuppa with, allay your worries, help you lift that heavy item. Sometimes simply discussing an idea with someone helps get the mojo flowing again. And of course, there’s a wide skill set to draw upon when you need advice or assistance, technical support, etc as we’ve always tried to find a balance at the studio of different types of makers, artists.

It was all change at Christmas at Shed 2, as Rachel, Nic and Adam all left for pastures new. I wasn’t sure how it was all going to pan out, and well, I don’t always like change.

But what has happened especially with new members Holly Booth & Ewan Mathers is a whole new hive of activity. As photographers, the main use of their space is for photo shoots – sometimes that might be products, and sometimes it involves people. There’s now a new hustle and bustle often at the studio, like yesterday, when I popped in to check on the kiln and discovered a clothes rail full of some gorgeous fun printed fabrics, the communal area had been turned in to a hair and makeup studio with a model, a makeup artist and a designer here for a shoot. Debbie has already blogged about the fun she had.

Photo shoot fun | Duck and Duffel.