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The Glass Forth Bridge!


Well, that’s what it’s felt like I was doing!

This weekend, I am running one of my glass decorating workshops over at Burton-upon-Trent, so I have spent the last few days, collecting, scraping, washing and drying what seemed like a never ending supply of jam/coffee/sauce jars

There’s potentially a LOT of visitors to this event, and it’s a drop-in workshop so I have no idea how many people might want to have a go, so I have to be prepared in case everybody does!  I am loathe to risk running out like I did one year within the first hour….

Next week, I will be doing it all over again with Sun-catchers, so between washing and drying glass jars galore, I have been bending wire hangers and cutting endless rectangles of glass for fusing in the kiln this week.

I do love offering these workshops though – it’s lovely to see the children who always enjoy having ago, some get so absorbed and are wonderfully creative in their designs.  Best of all, it’s popular with all ages – a few weeks ago, I stood in at Haywood House, a respite care centre in Nottingham for their craft sessions, and almost everybody had a go, including the patients who don’t usually get involved.  Then again, who can beat a bit of stickering and colouring in?