Best Impression of Headless Chicken Ever!

It’s been a mad one I can tell you!  Last time I posted, I had five days to go to exhibition.  I spent a LOT of time at the studio in those five days, cutting circles, engraving glass, projecting drawings, tearing my hair out, running around like a headless chicken.  You know, as you do, with just days to go and everything going wrong…

But it came together (as my friends and family reassured me it would, they knew something I didn’t).  I even got most of the installation done on Monday afternoon, with just a bit of a tidy up on Tuesday morning – I was actually set up and ready with a whole five hours to spare.  Almost unheard of!

I thoroughly enjoyed the preview event, all of the work is great, not just mine, 😉  I received a lot of positive feedback, moved a couple of people to tears and got a comment from a good friend that she “never knew I could draw”.

We had a little tour of the three venues with food, drink and a Ukulele band to finish the evening off.

Here’s a couple of photos from the event, I forgot to take any with all the craziness of the evening – hopefully we will get some official photos through soon.

Death Penny museum
Glass version of Next of Kin Memorial Plaque
Soldier at Cross
Text from Frank’s War Journal on the burial of his brother, Edwin
A soldier in khaki with shiny buttons