Exhibition Images

I know I have already shown a few images of my work at the Erewash Museum, but I’ve had these through from the official photographer and I am thrilled to bits with them.  Deborah Selwood Photography did them and wanted to share just a few.

So not a lot to say, just admire Deborah’s excellent photography skills, and hopefully enjoy a bit of my art!

An extract from Frank’s war journal following his brother’s death during the Somme battle
From one of Edwin’s letters home to his parents. This made me smile when I read it.
From Frank’s diaries – the words were so poignant, and didn’t leave my brain.
Contrast between the tone of Edwin’s letters home and the gritty reality of Frank’s war journal.
These are two of my favourite pieces. In Frank’s diary, he talks about the irony of wearing khaki for camouflage, and then having to shine their buttons. The buttons are gold on the glass.
An extract from one of the many letters of condolence written to Edwin’s parents following his death.
Contrasting descriptions of the front line trenches from the Hasse brothers.
In case you don’t recognise it, the glass disc on the right is map of the Somme battle lines, the dotty line is where it was when Edwin lost his life.
Stunned by how beautifully Deborah captured my glass Death Penny.