I’ve gone international!

I’ve got something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while, but I wanted to check it was okay first. I also had to wait until after a specific event before I could share. I told you back in May about the new products I’d designed and made for the RAF Association. A few weeks after, I was contacted by RAFA. The framed Spitfire had caught the eye of Lady Elaine, wife of the Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier. Up until a few days ago he was Chief of Air Staff for the Royal Air Force.

Sir Stephen & Lady Hillier wanted a similar product to present as gifts to visiting dignitaries to this year’s RIAT – Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford. So a new design was worked on, incorporating the vintage Spitfire, with the latest jet, the F35. Below is one of the pieces.

Sir Stephen & Lady Hillier were also keen to incorporate the background connection as explained in the previous blog post as part of the presented package.

I’ve heard back today that “many recipients commented that they really liked the gift, particularly the story that went along with it” – well, quite obviously I am thrilled to bits that they were so well received.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this change of direction. Being able to incorporate aviation, I knew I’d do it one day! But also a chance to go back to a creative technique I’ve always enjoyed, but not done much of recently. I am loaded with lots of more ideas that will combine glass and print, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, let me show you the quick snap I managed to take of the exclusive ‘RIAT 2019’ piece. Fifty were made, and that is all that will ever be made. Oh, an I will do a little happy dance, knowing that these framed pieces will be taken back to offices and homes around the world. Feeling quite proud to be an international artist!

Final Framed Piece