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Website Work!

I’ve done a few workshops recently (there’s still some spaces left if you’d like to join us – click here).

When I do classes, especially the full day ones, I tend not to be too prescriptive in what we will make – I’d rather give you the tools and techniques, and you decide and design what you will produce.  I think everybody has different tastes, different ideas of what they want to take from a class.

Of course, it can be difficult to know what you can make, when you don’t know a technique, and a couple of visitors recently pointed out they’d looked on my website for ideas but could only find my work – which is, of course, not necessarily typical of what you might be able to make after a few hours!

So, I’ve added a student gallery section – there are lots more photos to add, but this should be a good start!

I’ve been doing “Glass On the Go” workshops for a year or more now – when I bring glass workshops out to venues – but I’ve finally added a bit of information to the website for this as well!