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    Something old, something blue

    Well, it’s not old, old… but when I first started fusing glass, I made what a lot of people start out with – pendants.

    I’ll be honest, a lot of people started to do the same, and all of a sudden, Ebay and the like were flooded with ‘handmade’ fused glass pendants selling for less than the cost of the components I was using, as I like to use sterling silver, and hand-dyed silk ribbon and so on – I kind of withdrew from making that kind of thing.

    Recently had to sort out at home when the house was re-wired, so bags and boxes came out of cupboards I hadn’t seen the back of since my degree… and I came across some of the pendants I’d made a while back and realised – that I actually really rather like them, so they’re coming out to play again, I will start listing some on line, although we’ve got open studios coming up soon, so I will have them all polished and ready for then (I hope!)

    Blue floral pendant
    red vanilla frit pendant
    black yellow dichro pendant