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Art at the Heart….

As well as making glass art work, and teaching and helping others to learn about and create fabulous glass goodies, I also do a fair amount of workshops in schools, community events, day centres and recently, nursing homes.

Some days I’ve been visiting a local care home; a few times I was working one-to-one with a resident living with dementia, others I’ve been working with a group with varying physical abilities, eyesight, hearing, communication difficulties and so on.

I’ve also been working with a local friendship group that runs with the aim to reach out to isolated over 50s.

It’s can be quite a challenge, as the sessions are quite short, so we’re quite limited with what we can do.

But with a bit (a lot!) of careful preparation and forethought, all of the participants have been making some fun and lovely art.  So it’s dreary, wet Friday evening right now, so I am going to just post a few images of the lovely work they’ve been creating.IMG_4498Mosaic birds for the nursing home garden, still to be grouted.

IMG_4476It wouldn’t be one of my workshops without the odd glass lantern!

IMG_4484  IMG_4552 IMG_4554 IMG_4598 IMG_4614Playing with the laser cutter to create this funky felt flowers!