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    Mother’s Day & More

    If you’re still struggling for something for Mother’s Day, remember we have a class running on the Sunday 22nd March, although places are selling out fast.

    Have you already got plans that day?  You could consider a gift voucher.  These are redeemable any time up to a year from issue, and there are various values.  Plenty of time to book at your leisure.

    Here’s the link to the voucher page: CLICK HERE.

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    Let’s Get Learning!

    Okay, so I’ve finally got some new dates planned in, see details below.  I’m still trying to tweak the workshop space to make it suitable for the ongoing evening classes that I have planned, so for now, there are just single sessions on offer.

    There’s the usual mix – some full Introduction to Glass Fusing Days.  On these, in the morning, you will learn a little bit (not too overwhelming though) about the science side of glass.  You will also be shown how and get plenty of practice scoring and breaking along with as a couple of techniques with window glass so you can cut and make your own designs.  In the afternoon, we move on to using colourful Bullseye glass.  Again you will have an opportunity to make a variety of things. Whether it’s jewellery, coasters, a wall plaque or a bowl, we’re open to ideas!  Full day sessions are £65.00 per person.

    For the taster sessions, I’ve planned in a few family fun days during the school holidays; younger people are more than welcome.  A responsible adult (yes, that’s you!) has to stay with the child throughout the session, but you have a choice.  You can help your young one with their makes, in which case you would only pay for one place.  Or, if your child is a older and more capable, it’s a lovely activity to do together and you get your own set of makes each, this is charged per person.  Bear in mind though, we do work with glass that, pre-firing, does have sharp edges.  Kids are often more sensible and careful than adults though!  If you’re not sure, get in touch HERE,  happy to answer any questions.


    I’ve added a couple of evening dates for some after work creative time, and also added a Mother’s Day session – what better way to treat Mum than to spend some time together, getting creative?  Most tasters are £25.00 per person

    Finally, on a diet?  Think the kids get too much chocolate at Easter?  Well, instead of scoffing eggs all weekend, why not come along and create your own glass Easter Egg hanging?  I will be getting some special shapes cut for you to decortate with coloured accessory glass, and for the workshop price of £30, you will get two shapes, approx 12cm tall.  This would be a great session to share.  Also great for a gift, although it won’t be ready to take away on the day as just like all other sessions, the glass needs lots of hours in the kiln before it’s ready

    If you have a voucher to redeem, whether that be one of mine or one from Craft Courses, please GET IN TOUCH so I can reserve your place without having to go through the checkout.Although it’s Paypal, you do not need to have an account, you can check out as guest if you wish.



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    Website Work!

    I’ve done a few workshops recently (there’s still some spaces left if you’d like to join us – click here).

    When I do classes, especially the full day ones, I tend not to be too prescriptive in what we will make – I’d rather give you the tools and techniques, and you decide and design what you will produce.  I think everybody has different tastes, different ideas of what they want to take from a class.

    Of course, it can be difficult to know what you can make, when you don’t know a technique, and a couple of visitors recently pointed out they’d looked on my website for ideas but could only find my work – which is, of course, not necessarily typical of what you might be able to make after a few hours!

    So, I’ve added a student gallery section – there are lots more photos to add, but this should be a good start!

    I’ve been doing “Glass On the Go” workshops for a year or more now – when I bring glass workshops out to venues – but I’ve finally added a bit of information to the website for this as well!

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    Putting it to the Test…

    My lovely new tables have already been put to the test this week.  I’ve been quite a busy bee, and done four classes in seven days, as well as making some of my own work (nice to use the kiln for me sometimes!)

    It’s been great to have such a flexible space, and I cannot wait to finish it off by organising all my mixed up boxes of coloured glass and put them into their proper storage place too.  When I’ve done it, I will show you!

    Meanwhile, little sneak of some of workshop participants’ pieces, such a variety!

    There’s a workshop this Tuesday evening if you fancy having a go yourself, as well Monday 17th December – you can book here: LATEST WORKSHOPS