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I Love Seahorses!

… so I was very pleased when I was commissioned to make a seahorse design for someone.

I was contacted a few months back by someone who’d seen my stained glass seahorse panel which I made years ago as part of an evening class.  He is an underwater photographer and diving journalist and asked if I could make one for him.

No, I said, sorry.  What? I hear you cry, are you mad?  Well, no, I am not (well I might be slightly) but I don’t have the tools and equipment to make stained glass – although I expect my cutting skills would be up to it (you’d think so after 11 years of fusing) – so I showed him some of my more current work, told him how much I loved seahorses and I’d happily make one with no pressure to buy, it was just something I’d wanted to do for a while.

So, here’s Mr Seahorse.  I was very pleased with him.

IMG_4549 (Edited)