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    Let’s Get Learning!

    Okay, so I’ve finally got some new dates planned in, see details below.  I’m still trying to tweak the workshop space to make it suitable for the ongoing evening classes that I have planned, so for now, there are just single sessions on offer.

    There’s the usual mix – some full Introduction to Glass Fusing Days.  On these, in the morning, you will learn a little bit (not too overwhelming though) about the science side of glass.  You will also be shown how and get plenty of practice scoring and breaking along with as a couple of techniques with window glass so you can cut and make your own designs.  In the afternoon, we move on to using colourful Bullseye glass.  Again you will have an opportunity to make a variety of things. Whether it’s jewellery, coasters, a wall plaque or a bowl, we’re open to ideas!  Full day sessions are £65.00 per person.

    For the taster sessions, I’ve planned in a few family fun days during the school holidays; younger people are more than welcome.  A responsible adult (yes, that’s you!) has to stay with the child throughout the session, but you have a choice.  You can help your young one with their makes, in which case you would only pay for one place.  Or, if your child is a older and more capable, it’s a lovely activity to do together and you get your own set of makes each, this is charged per person.  Bear in mind though, we do work with glass that, pre-firing, does have sharp edges.  Kids are often more sensible and careful than adults though!  If you’re not sure, get in touch HERE,  happy to answer any questions.


    I’ve added a couple of evening dates for some after work creative time, and also added a Mother’s Day session – what better way to treat Mum than to spend some time together, getting creative?  Most tasters are £25.00 per person

    Finally, on a diet?  Think the kids get too much chocolate at Easter?  Well, instead of scoffing eggs all weekend, why not come along and create your own glass Easter Egg hanging?  I will be getting some special shapes cut for you to decortate with coloured accessory glass, and for the workshop price of £30, you will get two shapes, approx 12cm tall.  This would be a great session to share.  Also great for a gift, although it won’t be ready to take away on the day as just like all other sessions, the glass needs lots of hours in the kiln before it’s ready

    If you have a voucher to redeem, whether that be one of mine or one from Craft Courses, please GET IN TOUCH so I can reserve your place without having to go through the checkout.Although it’s Paypal, you do not need to have an account, you can check out as guest if you wish.



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    Autumn Winter Workshops as Requested!

    Plenty of people have been asking me for some new workshop dates, so here they are!

    I’ve tried to add a variety of dates and types.  A few Introduction to Glass Fusing sessions, which are full days where you learn to cut and break glass.  You have an opportunity to design and make items in window glass before moving on to working with colourful art glass and a few more techniques.  Without blinding you with science, I will also tell you a little more about the properties of glass and how and why we can do so many wonderful things.  All safety equipment and specialist tools are provided.

    I’ve also added in a few taster sessions.  On these, you are provided with glass blanks and you design and decorate your items with my vast array of coloured glass and accessories.  No glass cutting is involved, just the freedom to get creative, so the day is shorter.  These are ideal for those with a little less time on their hands, or who may be nervous of the prospect of cutting glass.  People with hand strength or dexterity issues as well as younger participants can take part in these sessions too. It also serves as a great introduction to the world of glass fusing without committing to a full course.  I would point out that the studio is a working space and access is slightly restrictive because we have three steps at the entrance.

    Taster sessions include a family fun workshop during school half term, a couple of sessions dedicated especially to Christmas decorations.  We might break out the mince pies and non-alcoholic mulled wine and play a few seasonal tunes!  As well as a chance to make some gifts in time for the big day.

    Select the correct price workshop from the top drop down menu, and the actual date from the second menu. When you add to basket, there’s a chance to add more than one place if you’re booking for friends or family.

    Session timings – any evening sessions will start around 6pm, but willing to be flexible with people’s commitments.  Daytime tasters generally start mid to late morning, but again these can be flexible if need be.

    Get in touch HERE if you have any questions or problems!


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    Some New Class Dates

    Just a quick note to say I’ve added some new class dates – not many for now, as I am busy with the residency, but I have had quite a few people asking, so I thought I’d get some dates planned in!

    There are two “Introduction to Glass Fusing” sessions: during a glass fusing day, I will introduce you to the world of fused glass. We get stuck in early with learning how to cut glass during the first part of the morning, practicing your skills with plain window glass – many students like to make a something like a wall hanging or panel from the shapes they’ve cut. Once everybody is comfortable with this, we move on to using coloured art glass, and I will show you a variety of methods for creating your own unique pieces by using layering techniques, inclusions, frit and more. All materials, tools and equipment are provided, including access to my vast array of glass! You’ll get the chance to make a some small pieces, along with perhaps a small window hanging, free-standing panel or coaster or two. The day lasts around six hours or so, and does require an element of hand-strength and dexterity for the cutting. Suitable for all adults, and possibly mid-teenagers by arrangement. Work to be fired after the day, ready to be collected at a later date.

    I must be mad, as I am a Mum, but whilst my 19 year old son is fantastic, I doubt he will be planning anything grand for me (that can’t wait). So I’ve planned in a short making session for Mother’s Day. I am sure other Mums appreciate being taken out to lunch or afternoon tea, but equally, they just love spending time with loved ones. So why not spend a bit of quality time together and make something? This short session, which will last about two hours is a fun but relaxed session. Each participant is provided with a pre-cut glass blank to make a sun-catcher or small wall panel and I will show you how to decorate it with a variety of glass accessories or mosaic size pieces of coloured glass. See a sample below!

    You can book and pay via the Paypal button below (you don’t need to have an account, you can pay via a debit or credit card) or if you have a Craft Courses voucher, get in touch with the date you’d like and give me your voucher details.

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    The Glass Forth Bridge!


    Well, that’s what it’s felt like I was doing!

    This weekend, I am running one of my glass decorating workshops over at Burton-upon-Trent, so I have spent the last few days, collecting, scraping, washing and drying what seemed like a never ending supply of jam/coffee/sauce jars

    There’s potentially a LOT of visitors to this event, and it’s a drop-in workshop so I have no idea how many people might want to have a go, so I have to be prepared in case everybody does!  I am loathe to risk running out like I did one year within the first hour….

    Next week, I will be doing it all over again with Sun-catchers, so between washing and drying glass jars galore, I have been bending wire hangers and cutting endless rectangles of glass for fusing in the kiln this week.

    I do love offering these workshops though – it’s lovely to see the children who always enjoy having ago, some get so absorbed and are wonderfully creative in their designs.  Best of all, it’s popular with all ages – a few weeks ago, I stood in at Haywood House, a respite care centre in Nottingham for their craft sessions, and almost everybody had a go, including the patients who don’t usually get involved.  Then again, who can beat a bit of stickering and colouring in?