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    I Love Seahorses!

    … so I was very pleased when I was commissioned to make a seahorse design for someone.

    I was contacted a few months back by someone who’d seen my stained glass seahorse panel which I made years ago as part of an evening class.  He is an underwater photographer and diving journalist and asked if I could make one for him.

    No, I said, sorry.  What? I hear you cry, are you mad?  Well, no, I am not (well I might be slightly) but I don’t have the tools and equipment to make stained glass – although I expect my cutting skills would be up to it (you’d think so after 11 years of fusing) – so I showed him some of my more current work, told him how much I loved seahorses and I’d happily make one with no pressure to buy, it was just something I’d wanted to do for a while.

    So, here’s Mr Seahorse.  I was very pleased with him.

    IMG_4549 (Edited)



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    I Can Show You These Now!

    A few months ago, I welcomed three lovely ladies to my studio for a short workshop. As always (not being the tidiest of people) I had some samples and test pieces lying around which caught their eyes. I’d only recently developed the braille postcard idea, but discussion led to commission and I was asked to make two Morse code postcard/panels for my visitors.

    The gifts have been given, so now I can show you what I made.

    Morse Code 1

    Morse Code 2

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    Restoration Project

    Through the local arts/networking group that I am a part of, a call was put out for someone to help with a stained glass window restoration.  The requirement was for a painted roundel, three of the same design to match a fourth original as part of a building restoration project.

    I contacted the architect, Doug, to say that whilst I couldn’t do painted windows, there might be something we could do, so we met, he brought me one of the original broken windows, took some clear photographs of another, and off we went.

    It took some time and was a steep learning curve, but as well learning a lot about this particular project and the processes involved, it’s given me some ideas to work with in the future.

    I believe the original windows are silver stained, which is something I would like to learn how to do, but for now, I did this with some technical wizardry and lots of experimentation!

    Beehive Original
    Here’s the original now in-situ
    Beehive 4
    A slightly blurry snap of one of the restored windows. A stained glass artist did a lot of this work, I only did the beehive image by the way!
    Beehive 2
    Two of the beehives I did.
    Beehive 3
    And an overview of the room