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    Putting it to the Test…

    My lovely new tables have already been put to the test this week.  I’ve been quite a busy bee, and done four classes in seven days, as well as making some of my own work (nice to use the kiln for me sometimes!)

    It’s been great to have such a flexible space, and I cannot wait to finish it off by organising all my mixed up boxes of coloured glass and put them into their proper storage place too.  When I’ve done it, I will show you!

    Meanwhile, little sneak of some of workshop participants’ pieces, such a variety!

    There’s a workshop this Tuesday evening if you fancy having a go yourself, as well Monday 17th December – you can book here: LATEST WORKSHOPS

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    I Love Seahorses!

    … so I was very pleased when I was commissioned to make a seahorse design for someone.

    I was contacted a few months back by someone who’d seen my stained glass seahorse panel which I made years ago as part of an evening class.  He is an underwater photographer and diving journalist and asked if I could make one for him.

    No, I said, sorry.  What? I hear you cry, are you mad?  Well, no, I am not (well I might be slightly) but I don’t have the tools and equipment to make stained glass – although I expect my cutting skills would be up to it (you’d think so after 11 years of fusing) – so I showed him some of my more current work, told him how much I loved seahorses and I’d happily make one with no pressure to buy, it was just something I’d wanted to do for a while.

    So, here’s Mr Seahorse.  I was very pleased with him.

    IMG_4549 (Edited)



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    Forthcoming Events

    Whoops, where does the time go?  I should have been posting this ages ago, but I’ve been kinda busy getting ready for the said forthcoming events, as well as playing with the new laser cutter at the studio.  The latter has not been as successful as I’d hoped, why does technology fail you when you need it most?  Perhaps I should have made things a little sooner..

    Anyways, busy weekend for me.

    Saturday, I am at Southwell Methodist Church for “Handmade With Love” – a collection of around forty hand-picked, hand-made quality gift and food stands.  Free to enter, it’s on 9.30 to 4.30, so an early start for me!

    Sunday, I am at Deborah Williams Hair Dressing Salon in Stapleford, as they get ready to gear up for Christmas.  A small selection of food and gift stands, come along for a warm welcome, and join us for a glass of Prosecco or a beer, and some very special offers.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to make on or other of the events, or both!  Meanwhile, here’s a sample below of this year’s new Christmas design, first time out this weekend and a new technique for me.  I’ve made a range of colours of these, and hope to be able to also offer personalised Christmas decorations – what a fantastic gift idea!

    Christmas Decoration


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    I Can Show You These Now!

    A few months ago, I welcomed three lovely ladies to my studio for a short workshop. As always (not being the tidiest of people) I had some samples and test pieces lying around which caught their eyes. I’d only recently developed the braille postcard idea, but discussion led to commission and I was asked to make two Morse code postcard/panels for my visitors.

    The gifts have been given, so now I can show you what I made.

    Morse Code 1

    Morse Code 2